Door handle

Door handles are one of the most common
harborers for harmful germs and bacteria,
causing infections to spread such as E.coli,
Staphylococcus, Aureas, plus fungal and
viral infections.

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Kitchen Top

Kitchen countertops tend to be the dirtiest
near the sink area because people wipe them
down with sponges and cleaning cloths that
have E. coli and other bacteria.

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Cosmetic bag

According to a recent study, old cosmetics harbour
huge amounts of bacteria and in extreme cases the
life-threatening likes of meningitis.

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Latest News:- MOH reminds public not to be misled by claim on anti-HFMD/flu spray under the brand name Thymos - Borneo Post   *******************  No vaccine for HFMD, but adults can help check spread by paying attention to the children's hygiene. - The Malaysian Insight

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