This revolutionary ecological product, is completely
different from the commonly used chemicals. Fast
application is effective for 30 days, protecting you
24 hours a day. It is widely used not only in homes,
but can be applied to many items in daily use.

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Where to Use Armor8?
You can use it on any surface area you wish to sterilise!
Germs are everywhere: at home, in the office, even in your car.
They can cause illnesses from a common cold to a potentially
life-theatening infection.

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In a recent study, the University of Arizona
found nine different species of bacteria
that cause infection in our stomachs, eyes
and lungs in people’s shoes.

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Green technology with wide everyday
usage, whether at home or at work.
Antibacterial spray with long-term
effect also eliminates chemicals,
which are gradually released from
the materials that surrounds us.

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ARMOR8 is powered by Smartcoat, one of the leading manufacturers and service providers of Titanium Dioxide

ARMOR8 is driven by design thinking and a deep commitment to preserving the human touch. It is on a relentless mission to design, manufacture and market a diverse range of products, services and solutions for the hygiene conscious.
Creating Sustainable Value
Developing Creative Solutions
Ensuring Consumer Confidence

Germs can last more than 2 hours on any surface. Viruses have been found up to 24 hours after contact.

ARMOR8 is a unique formulation that deodorises, sanitises and eliminates germs, bacterias and viruses.

ARMOR8 is long lasting up to 30 days and is non-toxic as well as environmentally friendly.